In the summer of 2013, I was accepted to become an assistant and apprentice to Alan Ross.  This is my online journal of my journey into the world of fine art analog photography.  

This site is very simple, without comments or links or advertisements or clutter.  While it is public, it is also very personal.  This isn’t a place where I ask for validation, or where I invite discussion.  This is my life in words.  I’ve put up links to various social media at the top, and if you feel the need to communicate, you’re welcome to do so.  Please understand that I may or may not respond.  After all, I’m busy learning. 

Once I become proficient, I’ll start selling silver gelatin prints of my photography.  At that time I’ll announce a way to purchase.  

If you’re here, you probably already know who I am.  If not, my name is Edie Howe, and I’m a photographer.  Anything beyond that really isn’t important, is it?