Thoughts out of my head and into words.

Feel free to skip this post; it has very little to do with photography.  It has to do mostly with my reaction to the Hobby Lobby decision handed down by the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS from now on).  In early 1959, my mother discovered that she was pregnant with me.  She had […]

Infrared filter

This is a B+W IR695 092 77mm filter; which, if you think about it, is a misnomer.  It doesn’t filter the near IR spectrum, it filters a goodly portion of the visible light spectrum.  IOW, it lets in IR light, keeps out most visible light. It appears black, but when you hold it up to […]

Backlog cleared, and now for something new.

Yes, there are two rolls missing.  Spent the morning at Cascade Creek taking pictures of Darmera peltata and the afternoon shooting my favorite group of glacial erratic boulders. No, not going to tell you where.  With the B&W R695 I dropped fi;m speed to ISO 25, used ƒ16 as a starting point, and played.  I’m […]

First film efforts

First efforts in developing film, and scanning to digital.  I spent several hours agitating the tank yesterday;  then went and picked up my scanner at the post office.  Then spent several hours learning how to use it!  Now I need to come up with a way to store my negatives.  

Darkroom First

My very first roll of images that I developed.  I had developed a prior roll of film, but it was no good.   These are the first images I’ve ever developed.